Tigers Visit KUT

Our tiger den visited KUT on Friday, 5/20,2011.  The time spent with the great staff was interesting and a lot of fun.  Our tour guides were Holly Gaete and Kayla Gabriel.  KUT published a story about our visit: http://kut.org/2011/05/kut-hosts-cub-scouts/

Cliff Hargrove and Pack 8Our first stop was Studio 1A.  Here, we met Cliff Hargrove.  Cliff is the engineer and Studio 1A is the main recording studio for KUT’s music.  Cliff allowed the boys to make a recording and played it back for us.  The boys laughed so much.  I wondered if they even heard the recording!  Cliff gave us a copy of recording on CD.

Our next stop was Studio 1B and Studio 1C.  Both are smaller studios, but have updated sound equipment.

After this we went to the live studio.  This was amazing.  We went in and Bob Brunson was there working.  Bob spent some time explaining the equipment.  Then, he went live and announced a promotion.  We were all amazed.  All of us listen to KUT and it was so interesting to finally put a face with the voice.  On the way out, we met Emily Donahue!

The boys also played a quick game.  Two boys went into a sound-proof room.  The boys in the room tried to make enough noise, but the boys outside could hardly hear a peep.  They traded and tried again.

The tour ended with a great picture with Kayla and Holly.  Outside, we played “Tell It Like It Isn’t” and we talked about the weather.  This completed these achievements: 4D, page 67; 4G, page 68; 5F, page 72.

We want to thank KUT for making this a special afternoon!

I snapped a video of Bob live.  Here it is:

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    KUT published an article about our visit: